Plant 1: 6–2PM (M-F)
Plant 3: 6–2PM (M-F)

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Plant 1

1 to 3
1 – 3″ River Rock
Bedding Sand
Bedding Sand
Grout Mix
Grout Mix
Leach Rock
Leach Rock
Screened TopSoil
Screened TopSoil
1.5inch Concrete Rock
1.5″ Concrete Rock
2inch Top Sand
2″ Top Sand
Concrete Sand
Concrete Sand
Half Inch Concrete Rock
1/2″ Concrete Rock
Half Inch Mix
1/2″ Mix
3 to 8inch River Rock
3 – 8″ River Rock
57 Rock
57 Rock
Crusher Feed Lake Material
Crusher Feed Lake Material
Masonary Sand
Masonary Sand
Red Bunker Sand
Red Bunker Sand
1inch Natural
1″ Natural
3Eights Crushed Rock
3/8 Crushed Rock
6 to 14inch River Rock
6 – 14″ River Rock
Agg Mix
Agg Mix

Plant 3

1inch Screened Yavapai
1″ Screened Yavapai Coral
3Eights Minus Yavapai
3/8 Minus Yavapai Coral
6 to 18inch Yavapai RipRap
6 – 18″ Yavapai Coral RipRap
Quarter Minus Yavapai
1/4 Minus Yavapai Coral
3Eigths Screened Yavapai
3/8 Screened Yavapai Coral
6 to 24inch Yavapai RipRap
6 – 24″ Yavapai Coral RipRap
Half Inch Minus Yavapai
1/2″ Minus Yavapai Coral
1inch Minus Yavapai
1″ Minus Yavapai Coral
4 to 7inch Yavapai RipRap
4 – 7″ Yavapai Coral RipRap
Yavapai Boulders
Yavapai Coral Boulders
Granite Mulch
Granite Mulch
Quarter Minus Madison Gold
1/4 Minus Madison Gold
Half Inch Screened Yavapai
1/2″ Screened Yavapai Coral




To provide our Customers with consistent high quality materials at a competitive price and to assure them of the best service available. We provide quality construction and decorative aggregates. (Read More)